Sample Advocacy Letter

How to Write an Advocacy Letter:
Easing your frustration and clearing your cache
by Celeste Cooper

Advocacy comes in many forms and from many places, an individual, an organization, support of a family member, friend or colleague, all with a mutual goal of raising awareness for their shared concern.  Being an advocate allows us the opportunity to release, rather than internalize our frustration, fear, anger or feelings of helplessness. Our voice is our best tool, because help will not arrive if we assume someone else has called 9-1-1. 

This “Sample Advocacy Letter” is a template for you to use. Depending upon your concerns, you can use it to contact elected representatives, government agencies,  members of health commissions, insurance commissioners, the attorney general, health care organizations, or anyone else in a position to affect health care policy. (see contact information listed below)

Sample Advocacy Letter 

Organization/individual name
Address: physical or email

Dear Gentlemen and Gentlewomen,

[State the purpose of your letter. Start with a hook, such as:]

  • What if you were holding a pen in your hand and you forgot what it was for? 
  • Did you know that a tick bite or an infection could alter your life forever? 
  • What if chronic pain not only affected you physically, but drained your self esteem because of the way you are treated by others, and/or cause significant personal financial burden?
  • What if you couldn't afford therapies and medications necessary for you to live your best life?
  • What if every time you tried to get a point across you spoke in a language even you didn't understand? 

[Make it personal. State your personal experience with your disorder expanding on your hook.  Define:] 

  • How does pain, insufficient insurance reimbursement, inadequate  management of your disorder, or financial disparity affect your quality of life, and socialization? 
  • How long you have been living with your condition?

[State what you would like in response. Put verbs in your requests.]

I would like you to:

  • Provide your plan for improving  X – Y- Z.
  • Make integrative therapies affordable/accessible.
  • Do something about medications that are cost prohibitive.
  • Change the culture surrounding chronic pain and the use of safe, ethical and moral management of pain, including the use of integrative therapies and the use of opioids, considering patients own framework of personal beliefs.
  • Account for your present position.
  • Support research for .......
  • Answer the call for change.

[Provide the opportunity for follow-up, such as:]

  • If I can provide you with further information please let me know.
  • Please contact me at:
List your full name, address. 
Any other information you feel comfortable giving out, such as e-mail address, phone number, or fax.

Signature [Type or sign your name here.]
Attachments: [Name any attachments that support your letter and its content.] 

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